Feb 28, 2016


The life not only only to the state, not the right.

Now, it is present there, it would be all.

The man should be doing.
The woman should be doing.

Right from time to time,
resulting in by planting such prejudice.

A man may be.
A woman may be.

Such a reality is all.
Such a state is also a life.

I want to be peace.
I want to be free.

Right from time to time,
it would create such a desire.

Is this the peace?
Is this the freedom?

While holding a such a question,
now, life has always been the presence.

Raw even death is also a reality,
not just only in the state.
Never, it would not be a right to be given.

Right to live.
Right to die.

Such a thing is not from the beginning.
Raw even death not only only to reality.

Now, life in here, it is all.

The Life...

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