Oct 24, 2015


It is raining.

But I feel somehow quiet.

Insects are singing.

But I don't mind much.

The other, will also end the summer.

But the reality is still followed.

Rain has also lasted.

It is quietly quietly lasted.

I can not see anything when I look up at the sky.

From the sky of such a dark night, it pours rain.

Wrapped in darkness, it pours rain.

And I will be wrapped in the sound of rain.

Sound of rain is as me...
wash away the noise inside of me.

Small gift from the night sky.

The Gift...

Oct 15, 2015

Early Morning

Still, in the sky has been...
dragged into the darkness.
I wake up slowly.

As if time has stopped...
a few moments.
The world is silent.

I feel good.

Then, the sky until ...
forsake the darkness,
time has been left a little bit.

Little by little, like blood in the body...
to penetrate to the fingertips.
The world bigins to move.

Just a little bit of precious time...
that was limited even in the day.
I guess I'm happy that this can feel.
However, not last longer that happiness.

It is coming...
reality is approaching...
quickly up there.

Then, sky is to...
eliminate the darkness.
At the same time,
I will be handed over to the reality.

Start of a long long day.

The end of the moment of happiness.

The Precious Time...

Oct 4, 2015


I have freedom to right hand.

I have duty to left hand.

Anytime we are freedom.
On the other hand we have duty.

If it want the excessive freedom.
It change to irresponsibility.
If it feel the excessive duty.
It feel inconvenience.

I wonder such things can't be helped.

So that there is right or evil.
So that there is truth or falsehood.
And all sorts of things.
And sex is too.

The freedom in the future.

The duty to the past.

We are repeating meditation.
And we must be challenging continue.

If it is the excessive meditation.
It change to excessive humility.
If it try a reckless challenge.
It can't be obtained any result.

We even though the lost,
while suffering must select something.

For example,
even though it was a mistake.

But we don't want to mistake.
So we get the lost and we feel the suffer.

Like a Pendulum...