Oct 4, 2015


I have freedom to right hand.

I have duty to left hand.

Anytime we are freedom.
On the other hand we have duty.

If it want the excessive freedom.
It change to irresponsibility.
If it feel the excessive duty.
It feel inconvenience.

I wonder such things can't be helped.

So that there is right or evil.
So that there is truth or falsehood.
And all sorts of things.
And sex is too.

The freedom in the future.

The duty to the past.

We are repeating meditation.
And we must be challenging continue.

If it is the excessive meditation.
It change to excessive humility.
If it try a reckless challenge.
It can't be obtained any result.

We even though the lost,
while suffering must select something.

For example,
even though it was a mistake.

But we don't want to mistake.
So we get the lost and we feel the suffer.

Like a Pendulum...

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