Oct 11, 2016


Originally, No enemy in the world.

That's right.

We are unrivaled.

But the human ego is create an enemy.

The enemy gave birth to the human selfishness illusion.

And those guys to the attack against the enemy that shouldn't exist.

To protect themselves to fight the enemy.

Certainly there will also be must fight.

But fight opponent isn't the enemy.

Nobody enemy from the beginning.

Also fighting the illusion wouldn't win.

The opponent must fight being in my own.

Win to myself, shake off the illusion.

It becomes a signpost to our future.

That's right.

No enemy in the world.

We are unrivaled.

All around, fellow for shake off the illusion.

Trying to cherish such a fellow.

No Enemy in the World...

Jun 6, 2016


Pouring rain have hit the roof.
Such a day I would remember absolutely.

[Of you, of the kindness it hurts me.]

When kindness is get sometimes becomes a knife,
I think you told me.

[God damn it!]

After you were gone, I was barking alone.

And I noticed.
That I didn't love you.

I tried to love you desperately.
But it is inside out of the things that I didn't love you.

We don't have to be a desperately to love someone.
Everyone naturally to like someone, love someone,
and will it be loved by that someone.

I become absolutely desperate.
Such I might not qualify to love someone.
And if there isn't qualify to love someone.
Probably can't even to be loved by someone.

As soon as I thought so,
been loneliness is filled with in me,
it would come out full of the loneliness along with the tears.

And I headed into the city without an umbrella in the rain.
Rain mixed with tears, wrap around my body.

Line of sight from the surrounding feel painfully.
But I don't mind so much.
Rain coating me, It seems that us...
reasonably maintain the distance with the world.

Not too close, not too far away.

I headed into the city while can't control the loneliness.
But it isn't meant that want to meet with someone.
Rather will trouble even spoken from someone.

So will there were contradictory...
to approach to others while refused to others.

Myself can't be love in the more you try to affable.
Myself also toward lonely while escape from loneliness.
Myself I hate myself while I can't be hate myself.

It seems like a lump of contradictory.

But pouring rain to affirm the contradiction of all of them.
I feel it like received by the verge...
to become a likely to I drop out of this world.

If think so,
the only thing that this rain is connect me and this world.
I think that way.

And I dedicate a one words to such a "rain".


Feb 28, 2016


The life not only only to the state, not the right.

Now, it is present there, it would be all.

The man should be doing.
The woman should be doing.

Right from time to time,
resulting in by planting such prejudice.

A man may be.
A woman may be.

Such a reality is all.
Such a state is also a life.

I want to be peace.
I want to be free.

Right from time to time,
it would create such a desire.

Is this the peace?
Is this the freedom?

While holding a such a question,
now, life has always been the presence.

Raw even death is also a reality,
not just only in the state.
Never, it would not be a right to be given.

Right to live.
Right to die.

Such a thing is not from the beginning.
Raw even death not only only to reality.

Now, life in here, it is all.

The Life...